Costa Rica Cerro Dragon Geisha Honey

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Coffee will be sent to Coffee Review on September 22nd, 2022 for official review. Please enjoy first "dibs" at this pre-reviewed coffee. 

Cerro Dragon Micro Mill:

From day one, Luis Fernando Prado has focused his efforts on finding new ways to improve his farming techniques. As a relatively new coffee producer with four years of growing experience, he is eager to invest in whatever it takes to grow high-quality coffee on his farm in the Cedral area in Tarrazú. That is why one hundred percent of the coffee Luis produc- es is sun-dried on raised African beds and patios after it is milled in the Cerro Dragon micro mill.

In the case of this micro-lot, great care was taken to culti- vate the delicate Geisha trees. Nevertheless, the high pric- es that Geisha coffees fetch make the effort worthwhile for many farmers. Roasters can look forward to a beautifully complex cup profile that includes sweet, sugary notes of strawberry, grape, and tropical fruits.

About the Coffee:

Roasted to a light-medium profile Cerro Dragon produces a larger medium bodied Geisha. A full mouthfeel that is fruit forward and bright. Sweeter notes of grape and strawberry highlight this cup. Full tasting notes are listed below:

Tasting Notes:

Strawberry, Grape, Lychee, Sweet & Sugary, Tropical Fruit