When can I expect my order to arrive?

Your coffee is roasted to order by our certified Master Roasters and shipped within one day of roasting via USPS or UPS. Your order will ship no more than 3 Full Business Days after your order is placed.

Ho much is shipping?

Shipping to the lower 48 states only is Free for all orders over $35.

Can I make changes to my online account?

Log into your account at any time and edit your information.

What is the proper way to store coffee?

Coffee is best stored in a dry location and kept away from heat until you brew it.

How long does fresh roasted coffee last?

Roasted coffee is best for approximately six weeks after roasting. Our coffee comes in one way degassing valve sealed bags to help maintain freshness. The valve allows CO2 to escape and prevents oxygen from entering the bag. 

Do you offer pre-ground coffee?

We do not ship pre-ground coffee as grinding shortens the freshness life of your coffee. Grinding whole beans creates the largest surface area which results in coffee freshness deteriorating more quickly.   To preserve peak flavor, it is best to keep your beans in their whole bean state and grind just prior to brewing.

What is the difference between a Blend and a Single Origin coffee?

A blend combines several beans from different countries of origin. Blending is done to balance flavors and appeal to the palate.  Single origin coffee is sourced from one geographic region.

Do you operate any local coffee cafes?

Yes, we own and operate two cafes in Bozeman, Montana under the Cold Smoke Coffeehouse banner. They are located at 64 Willow Peak Drive Bozeman, Montana and 2051 W.  Oak Street. Bozeman, Montana. All coffee served is from RamsHead Roasters. Visit our website to explore our menu or book a conference room. https://coldsmoke.coffee/

Why doesn’t my coffee taste as good at home as it does at your cafes?

Home Brewing is a SCIENCE. Check out our Home Brewing Tips page for detailed steps for brewing the perfect cup

Can I change the frequency of my subscription?

Just log into your account and the changes you would like.