Lone Peak Blend

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Coffee Review: 92 points

Blind Assessment: Deep-toned, richly sweet. Date, dark chocolate, hazelnut, magnolia, cedar in aroma and cup. Sweet structure with gentle, round acidity; plush, creamy mouthfeel. The crisp finish simplifies to notes of dark chocolate and cedar.

Notes: A blend composed of two washed-process coffees (fruit skin and flesh are removed from the beans before they are dried), one from El Salvador and one from Costa Rica. RamsHead Coffee Roasters is a family-owned company founded by Bozeman, Montana natives Caleb and Laura Walker that specializes in direct trade microlot coffees. For more information, visit www.ramsheadcoffee.com

The Bottom Line: A chocolaty and richly aromatic cup with sweet nut, fruit and floral tones supported by fragrant, cedar-like wood.


Lone Peak is our primary signature house blend that helped put RamsHead on the map and is by far one #1 selling coffee on a regular basis. Our primary coffee for restaurants, cafes, hotels, and personal residence alike this coffee opens up to all coffee drinkers.

Lone Peak is comprised of 2 very special coffees from long standing farm direct partners based in El Salvador and Costa Rice. Both of these estate coffee are fully washed offerings that when blended together provide a perfect balance from one end of the cup to the other. 

A full bodied cup filled with notes of caramel and nutty undertones with a smokey background and light citrus finish. A buttery mouthfeel cup that is wonderful for our long time drip drinkers who have transitioned away from low quality diner coffee and into the specialty market. This cup also holds up very well to our cream and sugar drinkers.

If you have never had Lone Peak now is the time. Great for at home or for gifts, especially if you dont know what the recipient likes. This coffee is named Lone Peak after the tip of the mountain at Big Sky Resort. Lone Peak has a majestic view over Southwest Montana.


Sourced from

  • El Salvador
  • Costa Rica
Tasting Notes
  • Rich Chocolate
  • Sweet Nuts
  • Cedar Aroma
  • Light Floral Finish

Recommended Brewing Method(s)

French Press, Drip & Espresso