Ethiopia Sidama Karamo Anaerobic Natural

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Size: 12oz Whole Bean


Coffee Review 94 points

Blind Assessment

Elegantly fruit-toned, lactic-leaning. Mulberry, pineapple yogurt, cocoa nib, hop flowers, sandalwood in aroma and cup. Bittersweet structure with bright, winy acidity; plush, syrupy mouthfeel. Crisp finish with notes of pineapple yogurt and sandalwood.

Produced by smallholding farmers from local heirloom varieties long grown in the region, and processed by the Yonis family at the Gara Agena Washing Station by the anaerobic natural method, in which whole coffee fruit is fermented with limited oxygen before drying, also in the whole fruit. 

An unabashedly fruit-forward anaerobic natural Ethiopia with the tangy, yogurt-like aromatics and flavor that often result from anaerobic fermentation; dark berry fruit, cocoa nib and bittersweet florals round out the profile.

Raspberry and tropical fruit in the fragrance with an aroma of strawberry mochi and candied fruit. Intense tropical flavors of blueberry, banana, coconut and other tropical fruits. The aftertaste is like raw honey or maple syrup with a bright acidity that shows notes of pineapple and fresh yogurt. The body is heavy with a syrupy mouthfeel.


This cup is a fruit bomb plain and simple. Incredibly vibrant and sweet, and for Ethiopian Coffee lovers this cup shines at the top, a true masterpiece from our farmer. We highly recommend brewing in a Chemex or as a pour over to experience the full body and experience of this cup.

First, cherries are immersed and floated in water tanks to remove the low density coffees. Cherries are then closed in an airtight fermentation tank. The tanks are regulated by valves to ensure no oxygen can enter throughout the fermentation process. The fermentation occurred for 7 days until the pH level dropped to the target 3.8 in order to highlight the desired profile of winey, dry fruit, juicy, rich floral and tropical flavors. Throughout the 7 days,
the fermentation tanks were placed in concrete water baths to maintain constant temperatures between 15 and 18 degrees Celsius and to keep the fermentation very slow. The fermentation process was homogenized by rotating or moving the tanks.

At the end of the seventh day, the fermentation was suspended by taking out the cherries from the tanks. On the first day out of tanks, a quick drying is applied until the coffee humidity drops to 35%. Cherries were then dried for 30 days under shade on African beds. Once the drying period is completed and the humidity decreased to 12%, cherries were collected and stored in a conducive warehouse for four weeks of resting time before final milling and sorting.

The Gara Agena washing station is owned and operated by the Yonis family. We have had the pleasure of working with Faysel since 2015, and the coffee never disappoints!

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