Backwoods Espresso

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Coffee was sent to Coffee Review on September 22nd, 2022. We will update with the results when we have them. 

Backwoods espresso is the new blend to the RamsHead lineup. For the past 9 years our signature Snowfield Espresso has dominated our coffee lineup. Although we believe Snowfield will continue to be a top seller, our goal was to develop a new espresso blend that lined up with a bit more traditional flavors and profile people has come to love in espresso.

After many trials and roast profiles by our QC team, Backwoods Espresso was born. Comprised of coffees from two of our longest farm direct partners from Hacienda La Minita in Costa Rica and The Menendez Estate farms in El Salvador. Both coffees are beautiful estates blends featuring fully washed coffees.

A full bodied espresso with large traditional notes of dark chocolate and caramel will please espresso drinkers from one end of the spectrum to the other.

Why backwoods?

Our family outside of work lives in one of the most beautiful places on planet earth here in Southwest Montana. We greatly enjoy spending time in the "Backwoods" of Montana. Whether it be camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, skiing or just generally exploring the great outdoors of Montana, we are drawn to spending time in the backwoods. So wherever you find yourself, hopefully in the backwoods, enjoy some fabulous coffee and cherish the beauty found where you live.

Tasting Notes:

Large Body

Dark Chocolate