Rwanda Karambi Station Natural

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About the Coffee
Karambi is in the Nyamasheke district has the highest concentration of green coffee washing stations in Rwanda, and that means the competition is fierce to buy and sell only the highest quality coffee in the region. That’s why the Karambi Washing Station is full of energy and is always bustling with meticulous activity in every step of coffee production.

Over two thirds of the farmers who deliver cherry to Karambi are women, and many have agronomic training. From the moment coffee cherries reach the Karambi Washing Station, they pass through stringent quality controls and multiple sorting checks before they even reach the drying beds. The station employs up to 120 staff in the peak season to ensure experienced workers manage every step in quality control.

Strong acidity and fruitiness are characteristic of coffee from the Nyamasheke area, where good altitude, excellent soil, and favorable rainfall make up ideal coffee-growing conditions. This Karambi Natural, of the Bourbon variety, also features spice notes and a smooth and balanced profile that always keeps roasters coming back for more.

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White Grape