Out of Africa Blend

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Coffee Review: To be sent the end of October of 2021

The "Out of Africa" blend was created in response to our love for African coffees, in particular Ethiopian and Kenyan offerings. This unique and vibrant blend is currently comprised of 3 very special coffees ranging in scores from 92 to 94 points.


  • Ethiopia Dumerso Yirgacheff: 94 points: https://ramsheadcoffee.com/collections/all-coffee-varietals/products/ethiopia-yirgacheffe-dumerso-g1-natural
  • Ethiopia Guji Uraga Washed: 94 points: https://ramsheadcoffee.com/collections/all-coffee-varietals/products/ethiopia-uraga-washed-g1
  • Kenya Lenana AA Sundried: 92 points: https://ramsheadcoffee.com/collections/all-coffee-varietals/products/kenya-lenana-aa-plus


By combining 3 world class coffees in their own right, we have developed a blend that is sure to excite even the most specific African Coffee conniosuer. This offering is pre-blended in small green batches in equal parts, and roasted incredibly slowly allowing for a longer caramelization process producing a combination of flavors that result in a new and exciting cup "Out of Africa". Our ultimate preferred brewing method is as a pour over in the Fellow Stag units or as a Chemex.


  • Black Cherry
  • Red Wine
  • Dark Berries
  • Molasses

Recommended Brewing Method(s)

French Press, Pour-Over, Drip