Kenya Lenana AA Plus

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 COFFEE REVIEW MAY 2021: 92 points

Blind Assessment: Crisply sweet-tart, deeply aromatic. Cocoa powder, date, hazelnut, hop flowers, molasses in aroma and cup. Richly bittersweet structure with brisk acidity; viscous, creamy mouthfeel. The finish consolidates to cocoa-toned hazelnut and molasses.

Notes: Produced by smallholding farmers and processed by the washed method (fruit skin and pulp are removed before drying). AA is the highest grade of Kenya coffee based on bean size and freedom from physical imperfections. RamsHead Coffee Roasters is a family-owned company founded by Bozeman, Montana natives Caleb and Laura Walker that specializes in direct trade microlot coffees. For more information,

The Bottom Line: A sweet cocoa-toned Kenya cup complicated by appealing bittersweet floral notes suggesting hop flowers.


This coffee comes from a number of smallholder farmers in the Mt. Kenya region, each of who farm about 150 coffee trees.

Mount Kenya is the tallest mountain in Kenya, and the second tallest in Africa, after Kilimanjaro. This coffee is named after Mt. Kenya’s second-highest peak, Lenana — a visit to which will take an adventurous climber past rainforest, moorlands, gorges and jagged peaks. On a clear day, the summit of Kilimanjaro is visible from Lenana, 200 miles across the savannah.

The farmers here deliver their just-picked red cherry to cooperative wet mills, which disc pulp, ferment, wash and then sundry the coffee on elevated drying tables.


Coffee was first planted in Kenya at the end of the 19th century. In the 1940s, it was introduced to indigenous smallholders and saw a fast expansion. Today, Kenya’s coffees vary from the complex citric acidity and berry flavors of coffees grown in the Mt. Kenya highlands, to the chocolaty, full-bodied coffees of the estate sector.

All of Kenya’s coffees travel through the Central Auction—a highly competitive and transparent marketplace that offers a large number of individual lots, each unique in grade and cup profile, to a concentration of export buyers, like Genuine Origin sister company Taylor Winch.

Sourced from

  • Kenya/Genuine Origin

Tasting Notes

  • Molasses Syrup
  • Rich Milk Chocolate
  • Medium/Heavy Body

Recommended Brewing Method(s)

French Press, Pour-Over, Drip