Earl Grey Blue Loose Leaf Tea (da la Creme)

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RamsHead is proud to feature our partner tea company, Lake Missoula Tea Company. Aligned with similar values, Lake Missoula brings fabulous and unique teas to market for your enjoyment. A word from Heather Kreilick, owner of Lake Missoula Tea Company.

Strong ties to the tea farms we visited in Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Kenya and Colombia give us great confidence that we offer the world’s best tea. These trips allow us to build a sustainable, organic source of quality teas from farms working at the village scale.  Despite being relatively inaccessible due to their remote, wildland settings, we’ve witnessed the establishment of a workforce – pickers, processers, and farmhands – helping drive local economic development.

Tasting Notes

Earl Grey Blue (de la Creme) is our earl grey with a whisper of sweet.  The smidgen of vanilla makes it our most popular black blend and a favorite for many an earl grey tea drinker.  Earl Grey Blue is balanced and delicious.

Not only is this Lake Missoula Tea Company’s most popular blend, but earl grey happens to be the most popular blend world wide.  Lovely any time of day, in the morning to wake up with a steaming cup, or the afternoon for a pick me up.

Black tea, blue corn flowers, vanilla and bergamot.