Open Country Cafe Series

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Open Country, our newest blend released in August of 2022 was developed to celebrate the construction of our new roasting facility located in the heart of the Shields Valley just north of Livingston Montana. Surround by 3 Mountain Ranges (The Bridger Mountains, the Crazy Mountains, and the Absarokee Mountains) our new facility sits in some of the most beautiful OPEN COUNTRY you have ever seen. 

Open land, mountains, cattle, wildlife, farm fields, and the Shields River make up this beautiful landscape and we could not be more excited for our new building, and our newest coffee that will be an ongoing selection of our professional grade Cafe Series Coffees. 

Que the coffee:

Open Country is comprised of 2 very special farm direct microlots. The first out El Salvador Pacamara, and the second our Guatemala Antigua Pastores Mill. When blended together beautiful deep notes of peanut butter rise with deep lingering caramel notes finished with a touch of red apple. 

Tasting Notes:

Peanut Butter


Red Apple