Honduro-Spro Single Origin Espresso

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COFFEE REVIEW MARCH 2021: 92 points

Blind Assessment: Evaluated as espresso. Richly chocolaty, fruit-toned. Dark chocolate, raspberry jam, cedar, caramel, lemon verbena in aroma and small cup. Crisp, syrupy-smooth mouthfeel; chocolaty, sweetly herbaceous finish. In three parts milk, raspberry notes recede and caramel and chocolate come forward.

Notes: Produced by Tony Castro of Finca La Joya and processed by the natural method (beans are dried in the whole fruit). RamsHead Coffee Roasters is a family-owned company founded by Bozeman, Montana natives Caleb and Laura Walker, specializing in direct trade microlot coffees. For more information, visitwww.ramsheadcoffee.com.

The Bottom Line : A single-origin espresso from Honduras. Natural processing encourages a fruit-driven straight shot and a very chocolaty milk shot; especially full mouthfeel.

Our Thoughts:

Honduro-Spro is not your typical espresso. This single origin espresso seeks to push the boundaries of what espresso can be, abandoning the traditional dark roasted profiles normally found in espresso. Honduro-Spro is a true light roast espresso highlighting bright lemon lime forward notes and a rich caramel body, with an overall zesty mouthfeel. This beautiful espresso is best enjoyed as a straight doppio, in a cappuccino, or cortado.

Tasting Notes

  • Lemon Lime Tartness
  • Rich Caramel
  • Zesty Mouthfeel

Sourced from

  • Honduras

Recommended Brewing Method(s)

French Press, Drip & Espresso